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Lumpia Wrappers - commonly known as Springroll Wrapper and is used in making the all time favorite dish of Fresh Lumpia or deep fried Lumpia Shanghai. It is also used for Turon, which is a popular snack made with fillings of banana and strips of Jack Fruit. This product is also used for wrapping of cheese sticks.

Coconut Products - Coconut is an important ingredient to a variety of Asian dishes from Shredded matured Coconut, Coconut Cream to Young Shredded Coconut are commonly used for salads and other dessert preparations.

Condiments - Simex offers a variety of condiments to make a simple vegetable and fish dish into a gourmet dish. Soy Bean Paste, Miso and Bagoong Alamang products also known as Salted Tiny Shrimps, Sauteed Hot or Plain Plain Tiny Shrimps give that distinctive oriental taste.

Rice Cakes - Made from steamed sweet rice and Cassava Cake; a blend of steamed Grated Cassava and Grated Coconut, this is an all time favorite for snacks, also known as "Merienda" in the Philippines. These Rice Cakes also go well with ripe mangoes and other various fresh fruits.  

Oriental Foods

Lumpia Wrapper

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Rice Cakes

Item#: 0 7887800215 0 

Size: 30/21oz

Item#: 0 7887805216 2 

Size: 16/13oz  

Item#: 0 7887800203 7

Size: 30/16oz  

Item#: 0 7887800208 2 

Size: 30/16oz  

Item#: 0 7887800205 1

Size: 30/16oz  

Item#: 0 7887801040 7

Size: 30/16oz  

Item#: 0 7887801190 9

 Size: 30/16oz

Item#: 0 7887800206 8

Size: 24/12oz  

Item#: 0 7887800217 4

Size: 50/6oz

Item#: 0 7887800518 2 

Size: 40/8oz  

Item#: 0 7887800204 4

Size: 35/8oz

Item#: 0 7887800212 9

 Size 30/8oz  

Item#: 0 78878002180 1

Size: 30/16oz

Item#: 0 7887800214 3

Size 30/8oz  

Item#: 0 7887801011 7 

Size: 25/16oz    

Item#: 0 7887800201 3 

Size: 25/16oz

Item#: 0 7887800601 1

Size: 24/14oz  

Item#: 0 7887804020 6

Size: 24/14oz  

Item#: 0 7887804010 7

Size: 24/14oz